What is Comparative Advertising?

what is comparative advertising

Comparative Advertising or Comparison Advertising is a strategy of advertising in which advertisers compare the product to the competitors to highlight parity or superiority. A comparative advertising campaign may involve printing a side comparison of the features or value cost on of a company’s products next to those of its competitor. This is a process that may involve directly or indirectly comparison and may entail a single or multiple attributes.

Through this advertising mode, products or services are displayed and presented as superior and calls competitor’s services as inferior in accordance.

Methods and ways of Comparative Advertising

Since defaming any product or service can be illegal or un-ethical thus common practice in the field of comparative advertising is to use of fake products of competitors’ wealth the addition of their actual features, here, Ad viewers associate the fake product with the competitor’s product but as it doesn’t are specific names it satisfies the rules of FTC.

Now after getting the strategy, you must be wondering if this is illegal

As long as the brands are not misleading the viewers by advertising false features of the product, the Comparative Advertising is not illegal. Yet this is the feature that involves certain rules and guidelines about the comparison and how you are displaying same to the viewers.

Benefits of Comparative Advertising:

Let your Brand stay out of Queue

This is a kind of advertising that helps brand in speaking about their USP and unique features directly to the consumers, potential consumers or any ad viewers. It helps the by offering chance to compare the products and let people know how the product you mentioned about is better than rest in the market, by comparing, you speak about the certain reasons why your product is special, strengthening the brand.

Building Loyalty

This mode of advertising strengthens the current customer base of any brand, as the customers who see the brand feel validated by their perfect and fine choice of product thus it ends up encouraging them to continue purchasing and advocating the brand, this advertising mode works well in engaging old customers.

Convincing Leads

Attracting maximum consumers is the main goal of advertising and comparative advertising is the good way in attracting leads or prospective buyers thus helps brilliantly in increasing consumers. The Comparative advertisements can make leads and potential consumers curious about the features of product and usually end up opting same.

Above mentioned are the few major benefits of Comparative Advertising however before choosing comparative advertising mode one should assure the rules and regulations of FTC and BBB to avoid any inconvenience.

Be smart and wise while opting for Comparative Advertising

Comparative advertising is like calling risks, where you directly or indirectly speak about the rival publically thus you always need to be wise before choosing the mode.

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